Advertising-Marketing and Women in Business

Women in Business.

Advertising and Marketing is the life blood of any business. And its not expensive once you know where to go to get what attracts customers. Let us show you.

The above video presentation cost less than ten dollars and took less than 5 minutes to create. Advertising is very important to the marketing process and having quality video ads attract customers. If you’d like to have similar ads of your own, sign up for the newsletter and I’ll send you the link.

Another method of successful advertising is to have a video business card created. This way when someone receives your business card they can click on the embedded QR code and see a video presentation of your business products or services. To have a business card video presentation go to

How to create a Facebook Ad

Facebook has over 1 billion members. In addition Facebook ads can be laser-targeted to only be shown to the customers you’re looking to attract. This way you get the best ROI (return on investment) for your advertising dollar.

How to install Google Adsense to your website

You can also laser-target the better paying keywords by using the flippa method outlined in the FREE Affiliate Marketing Training offered on the homepage. Still haven’t picked it up? Help save time and increase your income by downloading it HERE