Building Your Business: Step 2

female buildingBuilding Your Business

Okay, you’ve set up your business email address and downloaded and completed Marcus’ seven step program. If so you now understand the necessity of creating a business that already has a large number of interested consumers as well as the ability to create websites, generate traffic and make use of those keyword techniques he teaches that zero in on customers looking to buy.

 And that you’ve started to make a little money

As they say, so far so good.

Wait! You didn’t download Marcus’ free training? Then business wise you’re shooting yourself in the foot. The FREE training will cut the learning curve by about 80%!

Perhaps you’re concerned about being conned or ripped off. Or being roped into buying something you don’t want. Understandable, just remember there is absolutely no obligation to buy anything! So lock away your credit card and and download the FREE instructional videos HERE.  I literally spent YEARS on line searching for the information you’re getting for free and learned the hard way that you could have the best product, BUT, if you don’t know how to properly market it, you’ll have a lot of money going out and very little coming in.

That’s exactly how most new businesses fail.

So download the training. Once you’ve completed the course you’ll be SO glad you did!

Moving on…

If you are starting a new business and have put together a business plan your next stop should be the Small Business Administration to apply for a small business loan. They have all the tools and information you’ll need to get started and they WANT TO HELP! That’s why they are there.

Here’s a link to their on line webinars: SBA-How women entrepreneurs can get the funding they need to grow

In addition, check out They specialize in educational business training

Now let’s go to Step 2 and this is where you’re going to need to spend a little money growing your business and marketing it. Over time you’ll be presented with various business tutorials (i.e. Marcus’) and other business opportunities. These are all reputable companies providing needed services for those looking to establish and grow their business. And all come with money back guarantees if, within 30 days or other guarantee day length, you discover that their product isn’t a good fit.

Over the years I have purchased many products to grow my business. Many were a godsend and some weren’t. When I was dissatisfied I simply requested a refund within the allotted guarantee period and I received a prompt refund.

What I learned was to buy products and services from those who had proven success with it, and featured it through reputable companies like Clickbank, JV Zoo, ShopHoo and Offervault. These companies sell millions of dollars worth of products every year.

Next your going to need to build a network. The fastest way to build your business is to find people in your niche and learn from them. The best source of online networking is Linked-In. That’s where business people network and build partnerships. Here’s a link to the most successful Linked-In training course. Click Here

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