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Some new marketers are uncomfortable selling non-tangible products. They want to sell physical items related to their business. For example a cat lover’s website would feature such products as specialty cat foods, nutrients, toys etc.

Of course they’ll want to feature the best products as well as those with the biggest commission. But where do you find these products? Well, let’s start simple. has a very organized and well run affiliate program. If someone uses your affiliate link to shop at Amazon, ANYTHING they buy, not just your affiliate product, gets you a commission. Say you’re selling body care products on your site and someone clicks on one of your links to see more. They decide against buying your product, but, while still on Amazon, they purchase a very expensive dining room set. You get the commission for the dining room set. This is a real benefit during the holiday season. Especially if you use a friend’s link to do your shopping and they use yours.

Most major companies have affiliate programs that are simple to join. Walmart has one as does Target, PetSmart, Sears, Brandcaster coupons and so on. Just scroll to the bottom of their website homepage and click on affiliate program.

Another way is to partner with SalesHoo so when someone buys a product on your site, SalesHoo automatically ships it and sends you a check. Their toolbar has a number of informational applications that enable their affiliates to better track and increase sales. To learn more CLICK HERE.

Here’s another method. Go to Google, type in the product or service you’re looking to market. For example: Wedding rings. Then type in wedding ring affiliates. And you’ll be taken to a list of affiliate programs such as Blue Nile.

To start I’m going to walk you through the affiliate program.

First step: go to Once at their homepage, scroll all the way down to the Make Money with Us column, Then scroll further until you see Become an Affiliate and click on that link.
You’ll be taken to their affiliate page where you click on the join button. If you have bought items on Amazon before, just fill in your password. If you’ve never purchased on Amazon, then click on the I am a new customer button and follow the instructions.

Once you’ve signed up, make sure to have your computer remember your affiliate name so when you click on the affiliate button the next time, it will take you to the page. The process is simple. Let’s use the cat lover’s website again.

At the homepage go to the search box, click on the down arrow, then scroll down to Pet supplies, click on it and word Pet supplies will replace the word ALL.

Then fill in the word cat and click the go button.

Once there, go to the top toolbar and click on Bestselling. You will then see all Amazon’s bestselling pet supply products for cats. Scroll down and look for products that have the most five star reviews. Note* The first few pages are going to have the most experienced affiliates offering that item, so the competition will be stiff. Go to the third or fourth page and start there.

Next focus on high priced items with many 4-5 star reviews.

When you find a product you like, click on it and scroll down to the Product Details section. Once there scroll down to the ASIN and copy the letters and numbers there.

Then go back to your affiliate page and paste in that ASIN in the search box and click go. Then click Get Link. Once done then scroll down to the HTML. Click on the Highlight HTML button and copy the highlighted script.

Next step: go to your Word press dashboard and on your product page go to the upper right hand corner and click on text. Then paste the code where you want it on your site. Then add a link to the review page. People often read reviews before clicking on product.

Here’s an example:

3000 five star reviews!

5 star design, construction, and value!
By Desert Gypsy “A Brooklyn Girl Out West”on October 29, 2011
It’s always nice to find that a purchase meets the expectations set in the product description – the PetFusion Cat Scratcher and Lounge actually exceeded my expectations! Tight, solid construction combined with a beautiful, modern design.

It’s as simple as that AND the above is an actual link meaning if you click on it and buy the PetFusion cat scratcher, I make a commission AND should you continue to shop and decide to purchase say… Andy Warhol’s Mao 99 for $200,000 dollars I would make a commission on that as well.

And I would be profusely grateful.

Now imagine having a number of items on a number of sites? And then making a minimum of $20 for every $5 dollars spent on adwords or facebook ads? Keep at it and within a year you will likely be able to tell your boss to take a flying leap at a rolling donut.

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Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that you will make any money affiliate marketing. As with any business, profit depends on the product, its marketing and the needs of the intended consumer.