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Many women are taught from childhood to be demure, subservient and non-confrontational.

That stops here.

Forget all that nonsense. To be successful in business requires certain abilities not taught in school. The first is the belief that you will be successful. It won’t require you to work any harder than you do now. It’s just that you’ll be working to make yourself rich not someone else.

But you MUST believe in yourself because on the road to success you will meet countless people, many of them friends and relatives who will tell you you can’t do it.

Ignore them.

When you start out things will go wrong. And go wrong often so you will need to be persistent. Remember becoming successful isn’t easy. if it were, everyone would be rich.

Press forward regardless of the obstacles.

Learn one thing at a time and become proficient at it before going to the next step. Many entrepreneurs see so many opportunities to make money that they attempt to try them all, become overwhelmed…

And they fail.

So let’s begin.

The first thing you will need to do is to create a business email account. something like or

This will be your online business card and the place where you will receive information from your business contacts and network. Do not use your personal email for this. You may decide to change the type of business or product as you become more experienced and not want to continue to receive information on a business you’re no longer interested in.

Next you will need to choose the type of business. This is called a niche. The three main businesses types either sell a product, a service or information. And the best part about today’s businesses is that you don’t have to buy a product in order to sell it.

That type of business is called affiliate marketing. You find out what people want to buy.  You find an company that sells that product, you become an affiliate, then set up a business that sells that particular product.

For example: You go to and discover a spike in the number of women joggers, so you create a website that’s selling jogging apparel and accessories for women. You create a link to the store where they can buy that apparel and you get a commission. Amazon and ShopHoo pay out millions in affiliate commissions every year.  And it doesn’t take much work for you to be the woman who receives that check.

Sounds great, you say,  but how do I go about doing that? I know nothing about affiliate marketing.

Well. As promised in the video I can give you access to a FREE complete entrepreneur video course that includes EVERYTHING  you need to learn and you can learn it at your own speed.

Now as mentioned, this entire course is a FREE– no credit card, no obligation–download but only for a limited time. You don’t want to come back to it later only to discover that the FREE download has closed.

So If you’re tired of your career going nowhere and want to learn how you can become financially independent then CLICK HERE

Okay, so you’ve created a business email address and have downloaded the FREE business tutorial. Good Job! Once you finish watching the instructional videos and have chosen the type of business you want to get into, then it’s time for the next step. And that is Affiliate Marketing-Physical Products

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